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We are done with month one, which is wild to me. I have so many thoughts. First I want to say if you all read the newsletter thank you and if you ever have recipes you want me to try, edit and add or topics you want me to talk about please reach out. In the newsletter we talked about how to approach the new year, how are you doing so far?

A Little Snowy

Me, I am working a lot behind the scenes professionally this year and just trying to truly LIVE personally. Spending time with friends and do things that bring me joy. I recently attended a webinar about nutrition trends in 2024. I want to talk about one of the trends they touched on and my thoughts. Additionally I want to touch on what I hope to accomplish in 2024. One trend I found interesting was the increase in marketing for products that help your mood and mind. For example beam, a brand I have heard many influencers speak about and I have seen targeted adds for or sleep trackers. Or this viral sleepy mocktail that uses cherry juice.

Personally I have noticed the uptick in products that help ease the mind or enhance peoples moods. Even on the most basic level, energy drinks. Back in the day there was simply only a couple of brands red bull and monster as the energy drinks people consume. Now there are many many more. Some have claims such as clean energy, less sugar etc. I personally am no energy drink expert or frequent consumer. I have only ever tried celsius and that is because of a coworker. But I have seen brands like ghost, alani and gorgie really increase in popularity the last year. I would dare to say those are 4 of the most popular ones minus the originals. In terms of sleep, I recently have seen an increase in beam (the past 2 years) . Beam sales powders that you mix with water to help you sleep. I have yet to try but I am curious.

Have you tried any of these sleep aids or energy drinks? If so, tell me your about your experiences. Maybe one day I'll dive more into this trend after I try more products. But it was so interesting to hear of the trends of 2024. We are all like sponges absorbing any and all information out there. As always be sure to do your own research about things/products you see online and ask experts and form an opinion (if you want). I want to thank you all for reading my blog posts!

Live Blissfully,


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