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New Orleans: Travel Blog Post

I am a Registered Dietitian and I will post and share mainly nutrition content. I love to travel and want to share that with you too. Mostly how I eat my way through a city but maybe also some attractions and things. I had the pleasure of going to New Orleans back in March for my besties 30th birthday (it also was a couples trip). As you know I am a non-diet dietitian and person and that applies to vacation and every day. Now lets get to it, the place that's known for Mardi Gras, crawfish and creole food.

Luckily my friend Erika had a loose itinerary for the trip. Me and my boy friend got to NOLA first, a few hours before we could enter the Air Bnb. We found a little coffee shop (Congregation Coffee) to get dropped off at and I had iced latte and he got a lemonade I believe. We were outside enjoying the sun. Watching the people of Algiers Point (right across the river from NOLA vibes) go through there routines, the weather was nice.

We made our way to the Air Bnb at check-in. We were staying in this 100 year old house, it was cute! The living space downstairs was a great size for our group. We just chilled on the porch until the rest of the group arrived. We had planned to have dinner at this place down the road close to the Air Bnb after running to the closest store. We grabbed a few snacks and liquor at a local store. F.Y.I if you stay in Algiers Point do your shopping while across the river, there aren't any big box stores there. I wont mention the place we went for dinner, lets just say it wasn't the best. This was the beginning of us learning many places don't split bills there. We ended the night hanging out and enjoying each others time.

The next day we tried going to this breakfast spot, but it was closed for filming, we were frustrated but we pivoted.(Also we could have been in a movie). We made our way to the Ferry and searched some brunch spots. We made our way to The Ruby Slipper. I got an iced coffee and and omelet, it was delicious. Everyone liked their food so I 10/10 recommend that spot. We walked around some then got a delicious drink on the bus tour we took. We also got beignets at Cafe du Monde (Delicious!) We were running short on time so we got the ferry back, changed then headed to our music pub crawl. I think having pupcrawls scheduled is a great way to see different parts of the city and the history of some places. We also stumbled upon a parade which was fun. I think that is a good enough overview of my trip! It Was A Great Time Celebrating My Best Friends 30th.

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